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Faces of Brugge - Pol Van Den Driessche

Meeting Pol: I must say at the start that Pol was exactly what I hoped for when I decided to reach out to the Brugge 2018 mayoral candidates: Proof that agreeing on issues is far from what makes us connect as people.

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Faces of Brugge - Mercedes Van Volcem

Meeting Mercedes: I've had the pleasure to briefly meet Mercedes a few times now around Brugge, only since 2018 but had heard about her and her care for Brugge before that. It was clear from when I met her in winter that she has a determination and drive,

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Faces of Brugge - Raf Reuse

Meeting Raf Reuse: I had the pleasure of meeting Raf at the Groen (Green) party headquarters in Brugge, a kind and friendly host who squeezed in a photo shoot with yours truly as I collect the 2018 Brugge mayoral candidates for the 2018 local elections.

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Faces of Brugge - Mieke Van Hoorde

Meeting Mieke I only met Mieke briefly for our photo shoot as I collected 2018 Brugge mayoral candidates, but she left a great impression of openness and caring beyond the shots caught on camera.

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Faces of Brugge - Jan Werbrouck

Meeting Jan: As the last-minute "Doe Geweune" party for the Brugge 2018 elections, Jan simply had to be on my list of 2018 Brugge mayoral candidates... Especially as he lives barely 5 minutes from our house in St Kruis. 😉

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Faces of Brugge - Louis Verlinden

Meeting Louis: The first time I met Louis was at a Brugge local tour guide meeting in spring of 2018. It was the first meet of its' kind in 60 years (and I'm humbly proud to say partly organised by yours truly) and Louis was noticed when he  shared his thoughts on the guide situation […]

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Faces of Brugge - Stephanie Croes

Meeting Stephanie: I first met Stephanie properly when she contacted me to organize a night out for  the local ladies' group Best Brugge Pittig with my Photo Tour Brugge offering... Which was a blast,

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Faces of Brugge - Christian Campers

Meeting Chris: I first met Christian by dropping into his bicycle shop Exceller Bikes a few years ago to see if they had jerseys (shirts) of Brugge for my tour guests who were looking for a souvenir with cycling style. Friendly from word one and with a classy vibe that shines out in everything I see […]

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Faces of Brugge - The Bruggeman Brothers

Meeting Axel & Frédéric: As with many visitors and locals to Brugge, I met Axel & Frédéric by visiting Park Restaurant for a fine meal in a truly top spot. I can say that getting to know them through their food and care was a wonderful way to connect,

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