Costumés in Bruges

Costumés in Bruges 2023

Date/Datum: February 4th & 5th 2023

The next visit for Costumes in Bruges will be February 4th & 5th 2023.

Latest info via our Instagram & Facebook channels, general details and map below.

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History of Costumés in Bruges

In September 2015 the international group of “Costumés de Venise” was invited for the first time to Bruges by Rita Peers for the annual Streetfair in Langestraat/Hoogstraat.

The success and many positive reactions on this artistic event laid from 2016 to the organization of a yearly Pré Venice Carnival in Bruges by the vzw BrugseHotels (Discover Bruges) with Paul Asselman as driving force.

The only year there was no parade? 2020, and those masks that were less of a joy...

Stay tuned for details of the 2023 visit on February 4th & 5th, over 100 costumes expected. 

A real must for each photographer and Venice Carnival fashionista.

The Tour for ALL Photographers!

Casual beginner to full on Pro: all are welcome.
+32 486 175 275

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