Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We're here to help...Please find below the most common frequently asked question regarding Photo Tour Brugge and our offers.

Click a topic to see the answer, if anything still isn't clear then feel free to contact us here.

What is a “Photo Tour”?

A photo tour is at heart a walking city tour combined with a photography workshop towards discovering locations and improving photo results both on tour and afterwards.

Photo Tour Brugge offers you a chance to discover Brugge in a photo-focused way, as well as a chance to pick up a few (optional) tips towards better photography. With both ‘open’ and private photo tours on offer, we humbly believe we offer a photo tour for all photographers..

See our home page (here) for more details.

“Open photo tour” vs. “Private photo tour”

We offer 2 booking options for our photo tours in Brugge: Open photo tours and Private photo tours.

Latest Guest Reviews

Fernando Sanchez AvatarFernando S. -
Andy does a fantastic job at the engagement session, even though there was heavy rain that day the photos came out beautiful, and he is also a very happy and fun person who knows a lot about the history of witches. I definitely totally recommend it - 07/01/24 
Joe Lemm AvatarJoe L. -
My two adult daughters and I selected the "hidden Brugge" photo tour with Andy and it was superb. His knowledge of photography was excellent and his composition suggestions at the various locations were very helpful. Andy's history knowledge added another dimension to the tour that was much appreciated. I would not hesitate to do another tour with him and sincerely hope that I get that opportunity. - 10/11/23 
Matthias Waschicek AvatarMatthias W. -
I took part in a wonderful tour with Andy! The sites were well chosen, beautiful and at the same time he could explain how to create a nice photo. He was able to answer all my questions and even showed me some features in my camera I didn’t know yet. Highly recommendable and very worth the money! - 30/10/23 

Open Photo Tours

Open group tours offer a great way to connect to Brugge for photos in a small group, maybe even meet a new photo friend.

60€ per photographer

2hr open tour based on our usual route.
Maximum 4 photographers per open tour.
Fixed start time from the usual meeting point.
+1 “non camera friend” can join for free.
-10% off any of Andy’s photo books & prints.
After-tour tips & goodies.

Private Photo Tours

Private tours are a fully focused view of Brugge & our time together with the cameras. (more info).

220€ per private tour

3hr private tour on our route or to your requests.
Includes 4 guests of your choice, more on request.
Flexible start: Listed time or whenever it suits you.

Flexible meeting: Our usual spot or wherever suits you.

Customised balance of learning vs. locations.
Printed Brugge map & after-tour tips & goodies.
Extra extras...
Accordion content goes here.

Cancellation Policy

What if it rains?

Our photo tours operate rain or shine.

In light rain we push through with umbrellas, and even help you improve your technique in the wet. If the rain gets too serious we’ll then either move inside for indoor shooting and/or photo-talk over a coffee at a cozy café.

Please note: Booking for ‘open’ photo tours are non-refundable except at our discretion. However, we also understand the rain can “suck hard for photos” and offer a 50% refund up to the start of the tour if there is water on the ground and you wish to cancel.

If -we- cancel due to heavy/unsafe weather, you are offered a 100% refund and our thanks for your understanding.

What’s a +1 “non-camera” friend?

A +1 “non camera” friend is a partner or friend that may join the (paid ticket) photographer at no extra cost. While this guest is welcome to join us on the tour listen in, they are allowed absolutely no photo taking themselves.

Please note: That includes both big cameras and small, even a cameraphone counts as a camera!

Equally, +1 guests must remember that we’re here for the photographers first, and therefore priority on tour is given to the camera crowd first and foremost.

We obviously won’t be ignoring you (far from it), it simply must be kept in mind on full tours especially.

Are children included as unpaid guests?

While we love kids and encourage them to join the photo tour either as guests or a +1 “non camera” friend, we don’t include children without charge as guests if not included in our +1 policy.

As an exception, babies (up to 3 years old) are permitted to join without charge. One unpaid baby per paid guest only.

As a further exception, any child (5-8 years old) who’s registered as a photographer will be loaned a waterproof/shatterproof camera at no extra charge. Please note: Parents are responsible for the camera cost (200€) if lost or broken on tour.

Where do tours meet?

Open Photo Tours

All ‘open’ photo tours leave from the Burg square #14, in front of the Basilica of the Holy Blood.

Look for the grey building with 2 lions in front and the red door with a ‘b’ above it. Andy is often there when tours start, but best to book or contact us first.

Private Photo Tours

Private Photo Tours include optional meeting at the location (within the city center) of your choice. See our private tours (here) for details.

Do you offer hotel/special pick up?

All Private Photo Tours (here) involve optional meeting point of your choice within the city ring.

Otherwise, we meet at the Burg Square (here) for all ‘open’ photo tours, please be sure to book ahead or contact us so we know you’re coming.

Meeting Point Directions

How do I get to the Meeting Point from the train station?

Take a bus from the station (1, 3, 4, 11. 13. 14 & 16 go through the center) as many stop at central locations.

Ask the conductor to drop you off at the Market Square (near the Belfy on the map below), then only a 3 minute walk to the Burg (next square over).

See the Meeting Point (here) for further details.

How do I get to Brugge from Brussels?

By Train

From Brussels National Airport (Zaventem) : Buy a train ticket at the airport’s railway station (basement level -1). Up to 4 trains an hour connect the airport to Brussels (Nord/Noord, Central/Centraal or Midi/Zuid). Take an intercity train in direction of Oostende or Knokke/Blankenberge from any of these three main train stations. Trains run every 30 minutes.

From Brussels : Take an intercity train in direction of Oostende or Knokke/Blankenberge from any of the three main train stations in Brussels (Nord/Noord, Central/Centraal or Midi/Zuid). Trains run every 30 minutes.
For train departures please see the Belgian railways website :

By Car

From Brussels National Airport (Zaventem) : Take the A201 and follow the E40 from Brussels in direction of Gent. Take Exit 7 to Bruges in the direction of the railway station. Leaving the railway station on your right, you are now on the ring of Bruges.

From Brussels : Take the E40 from Brussels in direction of Gent. Take Exit 7 to Bruges in the direction of the railway station. Leaving the railway station on your right, you are now on the ring of Bruges.

How do I get from Zeebrugge (cruise ships) to Brugge?

We’ve had many guests on the photo tour happen to arrive from the port of Zeebrugge, often on a day stop from the cruise liners.

10am Photo Tour – Depending on your transport (see this thread) you should have enough time to make the 10am photo tour.

However, if like many cruise guests your boat disembarks around 8am, we warn you that time is tight.

1pm Photo Tour – The 1pm tour ends at 3pm by the Church of Our Lady (April-October only), close to either the Market Square, bus depot, and public transport.

By Bus and Train : The ship runs a free shuttle to the local train station where you can get a train every hour (10 past) to Bruges, cost €5.90 return, then immediately outside the train station you either enjoy a 20 minute scenic walk into town or you take the bus for €2 which drops you off in the center. A total journey time of about 60 minutes.

By Taxi : As taxi’s fill up quickly, it’s best to make advanced reservations through your travel company. Around 45-50€ one way for a up to 8 people.

Automobile Hire

Auto hire locally is available from a few sources, we've used Luxauto (website, Dutch or French only) and otherwise Avis is an easy option.

Compare and book parking for Belgian airports via (also useful for Germany & Netherlands).

How to book a photo tour online?

Use the calendar (here) to select a photo tour, especially if you want to book an open photo tour.

As you’d expect, choose a date and the tour that interests you to join. You’ll then see details of the tour, prices, and a button to register or details for a private tour.

If you’d like to book multiple tours: Simply register for a tour, return to the calendar, select and register for another tour and repeat as needed. When you’re done, click ‘View Cart’ on the booking page to finish your registration.

Cash on the Day: Cash on the day is welcome, contact us to arrange a booking.

Please Note: You are welcome to check for tours without booking, but reservation is highly recommended.

Other Things to do in Brugge

Other (non photo) tours in Brugge

- Quasimundo Bike Tours - The best way to discover Bruges on a bike, Jos and his crew of certified city guides will show you around the city center (morning tour) or the discover nearby Damme over the afternoon.

Horse Carriage Rides: Available from the Markt Square and Begijnhof daily, relax from the camera time to enjoy a classic perspective. Note: Brugge horses are treated with true care and compassion, working 1/4 days with rest beyond that and strict treatment conditions followed to the letter.

- History Tours: Our city is simply stuffed with certified guides to share the rich history of this timeless city, from private guides like Your Bruges to guilds and groups like S-Wan offering a range of options and adventures into Brugge's past.

- Quasimodo Battlefield Tours: Nearby Flanders Field shown to you by the best: Sharon & Philippe started over 25 years ago and can accommodate private to open groups with informed grace.


More ideas on what to do? Try the Bruges Travel Guide (via Kayak Tours).

The Tour for ALL Photographers!

Casual beginner to full on Pro: all are welcome.
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