Andy McSweeney

Andy McSweeney is a self-taught professional creative photographer from Montreal Canada, in Brugge since 2002 and 110% of Photo Tour Brugge since 2012.

Away from Montreal since 1994 & seeing many (many!) places before settling in Brugge after marrying the sweetest local lady, he was (and still is) joyously busy discovering: Travel, life, and everything in between.

With a wide focus that travel life and shooting encourages as well as "Photographer on the Loose" status around town and beyond, photography is fuel to Andy's photo soul: A means of focus to celebrate life with and have memories captured, the camera being a tool and a teacher as well as memory box on top.

With a profound passion for photography and a love for the charm of Brugge, Photo Tour Brugge was created both as a way to embrace photography even further and share with others.

Andy's Team

Katie (AKA Mrs Andy)

  • Provider of the Beverage of Morning Ignition
  • Belgian Master of Cuisine (Home Edition)
  • Translator Supreme when my vlaams fails me
  • (Executive) Friend & Attendant to the Animals
  • Puts up with Andy for 20 years and counting...

Tour Mascots (Past & Present)

Blake the Ball Baron, Photo Tour Brugge mascot

Blake the Ball Baron

  • Spotted at the shelter juuuust as he was giving up hope.
  • Would bite himself before he bites you.
  • Great with kids, they're in fact "nanny dogs" first.
  • Loves his walks, LOVES balls: Ballsballsballs BALLS!!!
  • On request for private tours, if he'll leave the sofa...

Adopt, don't shop.

Elvis, Photo Tour Brugge mascot

Elvis the King

  • An early gift from Andy for Mrs Andy.
  • Mommy's boy from day one.
  • (But usually sits on Daddy's lap.)
  • Begs by putting his paw on your leg.
  • "Mommy says I'm the most handsome."

Adopt, don't shop.

Priscilla, Photo Tour Brugge mascot

Priscilla, Queen of the Brugge Streets

  • Street cat badass turned house cat badass.
  • The littlest thing that curls into the littlest ball.
  • Gone 3 weeks in winter, found surfing sheep for food.
  • Loud: either purring or letting you know what is what.
  • Badass... Ask about jumping off the roof at 18 years old.

Adopt, don't shop.

Tiger, The English Gentleman

  • Such a gentleman from day 1, literally flawless.
  • Black cat with 👀spooky eyes 👀!
  • Explorer of water in all its states & forms.
  • Daily roll at the front door before work.
  • Greets you with a "Rroooww!" after work.

Adopt, don't shop.

The Tour for ALL Photographers!

Casual beginner to full on Pro: all are welcome.
+32 486 175 275

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