Private Photo Tour in Brugge

Our private tours are about full focus & flexibility.

Getting the most out of our time together, from casual shooter to dedicated pro.

Choose from one of our hugely popular tours (Edges, Essential, Hidden, Shades), or we can build a custom tour around your specific requests and needs. 

Photo workshop, focus on locations only, or a "bit of both" with options as detailed below.

It's about what excites YOU and your camera in Brugge.

  • A swan cleans on a blue-watered day in a canal, Bruges Belgium. Photo by Photo Tour Brugge
  • The Brugse Zot delivery van squeezes in somewhere in Bruges Belgium. Photo by Photo Tour Brugge.
  • The statue of Flemish painter Jan Van Eyck standing at the former shipping port of Bruges Belgium. Photo by Photo Tour Brugge.

Private Photo Tours Include

  • Full Focus: No unknown group, just you and your photo guide Andy.
  • Length of Private Tour: 3 hours (2 hours on open tours).
  • Flexible start time: First light or deep in the dark: No problem.
  • Choose from the proven routes & times or a custom itinerary/theme.


  • Optional hotel pickup (within city ring) or our usual spot.
  • Maximum 4 photographers per tour of your choice.
  • Free reschedule (as available) up to 1hr before tour.
  • Cancel up to 3 days = 50% refund or 100% voucher.

"Standard" Private Tour

Based on our standard offerings of photo tours (Edges, Essential, Hidden, Shades), enjoy a proven tour route and theme customised to your tastes and goals.

Custom Private Photo Tour

While all our tours are of course customised to the guest, this option is suitable if you'd like to (for example) combine one of our existing tours or build around a particular theme.

Shades of Brugge (night tour)

Our ever-popular Shades of Brugge tour is offered exclusively as a private tour. This is the perfect fit for the custom photo goals (casual or serious), time to shoot, and skill level involved when the lights go low.

Part Photo Tour, Part Photo Shoot

While we offer a dedicated photo portrait service to catch you in front of the camera, we can of course work a few photos of you into a private tour!


Latest Guest Reviews

Manzana Asiatica Avatar
Andy has a perfect knowledge of every picture worthwhile corner of Brugges,... more...
Manzana A.
Abby Avatar
I went on a tour a couple weeks ago with Andy and... more...
Manzana A. Avatar
Andy has a perfect knowledge of every picture worthwhile corner of Brugges,... more...
Manzana A.
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The Tour for ALL Photographers

Casual to Pro, all are welcome...
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