Family & Friends Photo Shoot

All together, in Brugge...

Brugge is a delightfully suitable city for family to spend some time, why not catch you all on camera while you're here?

Let's get everyone together for a moment on camera, something to treasure beyond the day.

You and yours, together in one of the cosiest cities in the world.

Young & the young at heart, we welcome all.

Something to remember together, well beyond Brugge.

295€ per 1 hour family & friends photo shoot

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  • Michiel & Sofie & Emma family photoshoot in Brugge (Bruges)
  • family photo shoot brugge
  • family photo shoot brugge

What to expect from your Photo Shoot:

Top class photo portraits by Andy McSweeney
Pre-shoot coordination on logistics and planning.
Pre-shoot preparation list on "being the model". 
Photos edited for clean and correct creative result.
20-40 final edited photos (per hour of shooting).
All photos are personally edited by Andy.
A fun time on the shoot, no extra charge! ;)

5 Photo Shoot questions, answered:

Do I need to be a model? Absolutely not! 😀 Not a single guest you see is a professional or paid model (or at least not hired by me).

Best Time for the shoot? Morning (9-10am) and late afternoon or dusk are recommended for best light and low crowds. Contact us to be sure.

Edited photos? - The edits you'd expect (basic adjustments, basic blemish/acne removal etc) are included as part of the shooting time.

Indoor/outdoors? Depends on the shoot (and the Belgian weather haha), we'll certainly work it out before the day with you. 

Delivery time? - 3 photos will be emailed within 48hrs of the shoot, then expect full photo choices within 14 days.

Rescheduling? - No problem as available and up to 2hrs before start time.

The Tour for ALL Photographers!

Casual beginner to full on Pro: all are welcome.
+32 486 175 275

Cookies in use only for basic function & tour booking, respecting your privacy along the way… 

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