Family & Friends Photo Shoot

All together, in Brugge...

Brugge is a delightfully suitable city for family to spend some time, why not catch you all on camera while you're here?

Small to big families and young to young at heart, all are welcome and it would be our pleasure.

You and yours, together in one of the cosiest cities in the world.

Big or small, we welcome all (including the young & young at heart).

With a photo city tour? On request, simply contact us here.

Something to remember together, well beyond Brugge.

250€ per 1 hour family & friends photo shoot

Book Your Photo Shoot
  • Michiel & Sofie & Emma family photoshoot in Brugge (Bruges)
  • family photo shoot brugge
  • family photo shoot brugge

What to expect from your Photo Shoot:

Top class photo portraits by Andy McSweeney
Pre-shoot coordination on logistics and planning.
Pre-shoot preparation list on "being the model". 
Photos edited for clean and correct creative result.
20-40 final edited photos (per hour of shooting).
All photos are personally edited by Andy.
A fun time on the shoot, no extra charge! ;)

5 Photo Shoot questions, answered:

Do I need to be a model? Absolutely not! 😀 Not a single guest you see is a professional or paid model (or at least not hired by me).

Best Time for the shoot? Morning (9-10am) and late afternoon or dusk are recommended for best light and low crowds. Contact us to be sure.

Edited photos? - The edits you'd expect (basic adjustments, basic blemish/acne removal etc) are included as part of the shooting time.

Indoor/outdoors? Depends on the shoot (and the Belgian weather haha), we'll certainly work it out before the day with you. 

Delivery time? - 3 photos will be emailed within 48hrs of the shoot, then expect full photo choices within 14 days.

Rescheduling? - No problem as available and up to 2hrs before start time.

The Tour for ALL Photographers!

Casual beginner to full on Pro: all are welcome.
+32 486 175 275

Cookies in use only for basic function & tour booking, respecting your privacy along the way… 

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