Faces of Brugge - Louis Verlinden

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Published: 09/10/2018

Faces of Brugge - Louis Verlinden

Meeting Louis:

The first time I met Louis was at a Brugge local tour guide meeting in spring of 2018. It was the first meet of its' kind in 60 years (and I'm humbly proud to say partly organised by yours truly) and Louis was noticed when he  shared his thoughts on the guide situation with clear passion.

Louis is like that, passionate about Brugge and especially caring towards how the guide community here represents itself both to each other and those we show around as visitors. We definitely share that fire, part of why I made sure to get to know this fellow a little further.

Louis, you know the history of the city very impressively and aren't ignoring it's present times, perfect local life to build an even more beautiful Brugge! 🙂

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Please introduce yourself in 2 paragraphs.

I am, I think, a very social person with an almost fanatical passion for the city of Brugge.

That is why I have become a guide so that I can pass on my passion to all our visitors.

What would you never change in Brugge?

The village mentality that prevails.

What would you definitely change in Brugge?

I would make the center of the city car-free on weekends and during the summer months.

What is your favorite café and / or restaurant in Brugge?

I have many, but as a cafe I choose 'Pro Deo'.

I really cannot make a choice for a restaurant.

Where do you see Brugge in 20 years?

Stunted by cruise visitors and by all sorts of unwanted guides.

If you didn’t live in Brugge, where would you live and why?

Somewhere in Spain, somewhere in one of those many beautiful cultured cities.

Stel jezelf voor in 2 alinea’s.

Ik ben, denk ik, een vrij sociaal persoon met een bijna fanatieke passie voor de stad Brugge.

Daardoor ben ik ook gids geworden zodat ik mijn passie kan doorgeven aan al onze bezoekers.

Wat zou je nooit veranderen aan Brugge?

De dorpsmentaliteit die er heerst.

Wat zou je zeker veranderen aan Brugge?

Ik zou het centrum van de stad in de weekends en in de zomerse topmaanden autovrij maken.

Wat is je favoriete café en/of restaurant in Brugge?

Ik heb er veel, maar als café kies ik ‘Pro Deo’.

Als restaurant kan ik echt geen keuze maken.

Waar zie je Brugge in 20 jaar?

Platgelopen door cruise bezoekers en door allerhande ongewilde gidsen.

Als je niet in Brugge zou wonen, waar dan wel?

Ergens in Spanje, ergens in één van die vele prachtige cultuursteden.

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