Brugge Photo & Drink Spot: Halve Maan Brewery Bruges


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(Home) Room With a View Brugge - Andy's Office

Name - Andy's office (Photo Tour Brugge headquarters) About - So this is the view out of my top floor at home, out the back window and looking at the windmills of beautiful Brugge... The sunsets here are at times epic beyond words, over the years I've set up the camera a few times to […]

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Brugge Photo & Drink & Fun Spot: Bruges Beer Experience

About This Spot The upper floors of the former main post office is, since 2014, home to the Bruges Beer Experience, offering an immersive experience for both the camera and the other senses for the history of Belgian beer and the brewing process… Including a tasting of course! A great spot for iconic beer imagery […]

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Brugge Photo & Food & Drink Spot: Café Vlissinghe Bruges

About This Location Brugge’s oldest operating cafe, Cafe Vlissinghe is also one of its greatest indoor treasures of daily life. At over 500 years old (est. 1515) it is welcoming to visitors and locals alike and offers a visually charming slice of Bruges life with great staff & good food. Recommended for lunch/dinner, either indoors […]

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Brugge Photo & Drink Spot: Halve Maan Brewery Bruges

About This Spot The Halve Maan Brewery (Half Moon) is a treasure of the city both for its history and photographic delight, not to mention the house beer Brugse Zot & Straffe Hendrick (a full beer is included with the tour). Family owned and operated since opening in 1856, they still brew beer there to […]

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Brugge Photo & Drink Spot: Duvelorium Bruges

About This Spot Duvel is an awesome and powerful Belgian beer… So that can justify a visit alone! Aside from that, and without beer in mind, the Brugge Duvelorium is a beautiful cafe that is very welcoming to photographers (especially if you buy a coffee or such) and has a great balcony view of the […]

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