Brugge Photo & Drink Spot: Duvelorium Bruges

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Published: 18/06/2017

Brugge Photo & Drink Spot: Duvelorium Bruges

Bruges Duvelorium - Photos by Andy McSweeney as Photo Tour Brugge

About This Spot

Duvel is an awesome and powerful Belgian beer… So that can justify a visit alone! Aside from that, and without beer in mind, the Brugge Duvelorium is a beautiful cafe that is very welcoming to photographers (especially if you buy a coffee or such) and has a great balcony view of the Market Square.

(This post is from my guide for photography locations in Brugge with SNAPP Guides.)

When To Go

Bruges Duvelorium - 2 tables for 2

Open year round, from 10:00am till 6:00pm. It’s especially good if there are public events or a market happening (for events be sure to contact them for availability of access). Free entry.

Time To Shoot

Best sunlight on the square (but not in front of your lens) is to be found in the morning to early/mid afternoon. The longer days of summer and fall also open up very late afternoon shooting nicely.

What To Shoot

When you walk in the cafe you’ll be struck by the gorgeous rolling Belgium-colours glass roof over the sitting area and the overall Old World look they capture in the decor. From there, head to the balcony for a superb, elevated view of the main square and surrounding line of cafes.

Bruges Duvelorium - Main bar

Good to Know

Remember that this cafe is popular and you may need to wait for a balcony spot. Be warned if looking for a tower shot with the full square: Bring a wide lens and expect it to be tricky, you’ll be dealing with tower distortion to correct and perhaps a bit of flagpole to photoshop out afterwards. If shooting extensively indoors, be sure to ask and consider if it’s overly busy for the staff & foot traffic.

Recommended Gear

  • Lenses: Wideangle, Midrange zoom, fast prime lens.
  • Camera Settings: High ISO as needed, open/low-numbered aperture.
  • Tripod: Possibly if shooting low ISO, and ask first. Monopod also perhaps useful.


Bruges Duvelorium - Balcony view

More? See my suggestions for which photo gear to travel with via this link.


Recommended on the Beer Menu

Duvel is not your only option on the menu... But it is the Duvelorium, so don't be shy! :p

Photo Gallery: Duvelorium Bruges

(Photos by your instructor & guide Andy McSweeney)


Getting There

Get to the main Markt and look for The Historium in the corner opposite the Belfort tower. Enter the building and go up the large staircase before The Historium reception.

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