📷 Tour: Shades of Brugge

It's getting dark, let's light Brugge up...

Brugge at night is simply a sight to behold, both indoors and outside. Equally, it’s a time for personal tastes and pursuits in photography.

Since this tour is offered exclusively as a Private Photo Tour (info) for maximum flexibility and focus, we have our proven evening route or just let us know what you want for your camera. Landscapes, a tour of locations, photo workshop or “a bit of everything” is all possible.

  • The Golden Hand (Goulden Hand) canal is lit up in Bruges Belgium. Photo by Photo Tour Brugge.

Brugge Photo Locations & Themes

 📷 Photo spots are based on a private tour custom itinerary and goals for our time together. 📷 

Start @

We'll suggest a start time for best light & your requests. Default booking time is 8pm.


Meet @

Default: Burg Square 📍
or as suits your plans


Finish @

Usually by Markt Square,
or where you need to be.

Prices & Group Sizes

Open tours: 60€ per guest, 4 guests max.
Private tours: 220€ per tour, 4 guests included

Private tour for 5 or more guests? Contact us.

Casual to Pro

Since 2012 & with over 2000+ guests, our photo tours truly suit ALL levels & interests in photography.

Need Proof? Read our reviews...

+1 “Non Camera” Friend

Open tours include an optional +1 “non camera” friend per booking at no cost.

More info on +1 Non Camera Friend

Going Out in Brugge

Photos or otherwise: We're here to look after you.
Our 100% honest food, drink & shopping tips.

(Included with tour booking confirmation)

Your Guide Andy

Pro photographer, guide, coach, adopted local.
1000% loves his job: Loving everything in photography.

More about Andy McSweeney

Latest Guest Reviews

‫ברברה ברזין (לימודי עיצוב פנים)‬‎ Avatar‫ברברה ב. -
אנדי יקירי...הסיור איתך אתמול היה עונג צרוף! פתחת לי את הלב ואת העין. תודה ענקית לך על מה ומי שאתה. - 19/07/23 
Kieran Mccarry AvatarKieran M. -
Great wander round the city ...Andy is engaging, knowledgeable and genuine. Great Job Andy thoroughly enjoyed the time :) - 15/07/23 
Lissie Newton AvatarLissie N. -
What an amazing and delightful two hour tour I had with Andy. I live part time in Brugge and I... more... - 28/06/23 

Open Photo Tours

Open group tours offer a great way to connect to Brugge for photos in a small group, maybe even meet a new photo friend.

60€ per photographer

2hr open tour based on our usual route.
Maximum 4 photographers per open tour.
Fixed start time from the usual meeting point.
+1 “non camera friend” can join for free.
-10% off any of Andy’s photo books & prints.
After-tour tips & goodies.

Private Photo Tours

Private tours are a fully focused view of Brugge & our time together with the cameras. (more info).

220€ per private tour

3hr private tour on our route or to your requests.
Includes 4 guests of your choice, more on request.
Flexible start: Listed time or whenever it suits you.

Flexible meeting: Our usual spot or wherever suits you.

Customised balance of learning vs. locations.
Printed Brugge map & after-tour tips & goodies.
Extra extras...

The Tour for ALL Photographers!

Casual beginner to full on Pro: all are welcome.
+32 486 175 275

Cookies in use only for basic function & tour booking, respecting your privacy along the way… 

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