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"Call to book" = The tour is quite possibly still possible, contact us.

Booking FAQ

How to book a photo tour online?

Select a photo tour either in "Choose a Tour" or "Calendar" view (use the tabs where you found this FAQ).

As you’d expect, choose a date and the tour that interests you to join. You’ll then see details of the tour, prices, and a button to register or details for a private tour.

Security: We use Fareharbor's 128-bit encrypted booking platform for safe and secure booking.

Booking Multiple Photo Tours: 

Simply register for a tour, return to the calendar or preferred view, select and register for another tour and repeat as needed. When you’re done, click ‘View Cart’ on the booking page to finish your registration.

On the Day:

Online booking is available until a few hours beforehand except for the morning tour.

You can always contact us (here) and we'll happily help you out as possible. 

Also welcome to check for tours here without booking... but reservation is highly recommended.

We accept cash, credit card or PayPal on the day.

Why is Essential Brugge closed from October to April?

From October to April in Brugge, there are a few factors that made us decide to "close" the Essential Brugge option for open tours.

  • The light is shorter, especially in this Northern and flat corner of Europe.
    Closing Essential Brugge allows moving (hugely popular) Hidden Brugge to that timeslot and making the most of that routes' offerings.
  • It's chilly if not flat out cold, brrrr!
    Ok, maybe not my native Canada cold... But you feel it during winter when the sun goes down, wouldn't want you freezing as you get to the windmills.
  • Always available as a private tour.

No luck or success in answers or booking? Please contact us.

Contact Photo Tour Brugge

Phone/WhatsApp/Signal: +32 486 175 275

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    🗓️ Calendar View
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