Room With a View Brugge - Bourgoensch Hof

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Published: 28/01/2018

Room With a View Brugge - Bourgoensch Hof

View From a Room - Bourgoensch-Hof-Hotel (click photo to enlarge)

Name - Hotel Bourgoensch Hof

About - The hotel is located on the wollestraat, by a small courtyard and overlooking the canals.  This courtyard was part of a brewery since 1894 until it was converted in residential buildings by designed Architect Raison in the 1930’s.  When the brewery was still active the hotel building was the administrative building while the opposite side, where Relais Bourgondisch Cruyce is located used to be the brewery installations. (from website)

Where - Wollestraat 39, 8000 Brugge

Room Number - 322

Best Shooting Light - Early to late late afternoon

Shot With - Nikon d800 + 15mm Zeiss Distagon t* 2.8, Zeiss Polarizing Filter t*

Camera Settings - 15mm, 1/40sec + f8 @ISO 200, crop to 16x9 ratio.

Shooting Notes - Shot on a mid-morning in winter with clouds to make it easy shooting to the sun, the skyline opening up onto the triangular home of highly-rated Duc de Bourgogne & Boats of Brugge.

Would normally look to shoot in the afternoon but no problem this day, Zeiss polarizing filter used to control highlights. Wide angle lens highly recommended.

Room Notes - Room is open air and modern without being close to empty in feeling. Spacious and open with high ceilings and a rustic wooden beam, nice natural light. Clean and well-kept with recent renovations clearing adding to a welcome and modern breath into the interior of the classical building.

Also clearly visible is the majestic backside of city hall (Stad Brugge) & Holy Blood Basilica as pictured in the 2nd photo, that's the mayor's garden so be sure to say hi if you see the chief at work!

Hotel Website - click here

(These photos will be added to and updated over 2018/19 for the seasonal changes)

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