Room With a View Brugge - Hotel Adornes

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Published: 26/01/2018

Room With a View Brugge - Hotel Adornes

Hotel Adornes, Jan 2018 (click to enlarge photo)

Hotel Adornes - Exterior

Name - Hotel Adornes

About - Sitting both on the foot of the Camersbrug bridge and quieter side of Brugge, Hotel Adornes is a wonderful family-run hotel where care and peace are a given. With a building that dates back to 1650 and reflecting both its' history as well updates for modern tastes and comfort, enjoy the nearby historic treats like the oldest cafe in Brugge (500+ years!) and the network of canals surrounding you, still less than 10 minutes form the city centre.

Where - Sint-Annarei 26, Brugge 8000

Room Number - 17

Best Shooting Light - Early to late morning

Shot With - Fujifilm X-E2 + Fuji XF 10-24mm, Provia Film Simulation.

Camera Settings - 10mm, 1/280sec + f8 @ISO 200, crop to 16x9 ratio.

Shooting Notes - Shot on a late morning in winter with the sky opening up too much (where did the clouds go?!?) from room 17, the Carmersbrug bridge clearly in foreground (which is also the B&W bridge you in all promo things Photo Tour Brugge) as the background generously opens up to classical surroundings of lovely Brugge.

Room Notes - Room is modern without being close to dry. Spacious and open with high ceilings and a rustic wooden beam, nice natural light. Clean and well-kept with secure lockup available at reception. Staff is friendly and knowledgable, Rick Steves recommended and well worthy of that.

Hotel Website - click here

(These photos will be added to and updated over 2018/19 for the seasonal changes)

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