Room With a View Brugge - The Pand Hotel

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Published: 17/01/2018

Room With a View Brugge - The Pand Hotel

Room with a View - Hotle The Pand (click photo to enlarge)

Name - Hotel The Pand

About - Perhaps already a top choice for a photographer for being central and literal seconds from the "postcard-perfect" Rozenhoedkaai, this 18th century former carriage house is long an acclaimed and immaculate 26 room guesthouse, privately owned and clearly reflecting a timeless taste for visual class in choice of decor.

Where - Pandreitje 16, Brugge 8000

Room Number - 402

Best Shooting Light - Late morning (higher sun will illuminate foregrounds)

Shot With - Fujifilm X-E2 + Fuji XF 10-24mm, Provia Film Simulation.

Camera Settings: 10mm, 1/280sec + f8 @ISO 200, crop to 16x9 ratio.

Shooting Notes: Cloudy-ish day in January 2018 and more than a couple of construction cranes removed. Looking forward to re-shooting this example shot in spring with full light and builders wrapping up their work. Also: Took this standing in the bathtub, next time with the tripod! 😉

Room Notes - Extremely tasteful classical design with modern refinement and eye to detail. Elegant yet modern double-bed room with minimal yet flourished color, room 17 was comfortable and flowed well for a modestly sized room. Again worth mention how very central to Brugge you are, also how photogenic the hotel is overall.

Hotel Website - click here

(These photos will be added to and updated over 2018/19 for the seasonal changes)

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