A Past Guest Said It Best:

“Ifyou’re a novice Andy will help with technique and technical instruction.

If you’re a competent photographer he’ll take you to a number of out of the way photo sites whilst helping you to broaden and improve your photographic style.

If you’re a pro it’s a great way to get taken to new photo opportunities if you are visiting Brugge for the first time, or if you want to get to the sites quickly.


About Photo Tour Brugge

You’re invited to join your photo guide Andy to discover Brugge (Bruges) with a photographers’ eye, on a walking city tour and photo workshop to remember.

‘Fun’ included freely, as well as:

Planned for Photos: Best light, visual appeal, diversity in themes with tour choice.
For ALL photographers: Daily ‘open’ and Private tours, with options for all skill and style.
Optional Learning: Take in our photo tips or “just shoot!”, choice is 100% yours.
All photo tours (except Groups) freely include a +1 “non camera friend”.
Maximum 5 photographers per ‘open’ photo tour, you’re never just a number with us.

More About Photo Tour Brugge

10am Photo Tour: Edges of Brugge

This morning tour is made for exploring central sidestreets & canals, all as morning light fills in the details.

Photo Focus: Canals, side streets, staying central but getting off the path.
Locations v. Learning: While always here to help, it’s more about locations on this tour.
Finishes at Church of Our Lady: 5min to the city center, transport, back to what you saw.

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1pm Photo Tour: Essential Brugge

1pm Photo Tour - Essential Brugge
This early afternoon tour is about getting into the heart of Brugge, discovering the best photos and facts in the history of both the city and photo skill.

Photo Focus: The main historic area of Brugge, the essence and basics of Brugge.
Locations v. Learning: The best tour for beginners, the rest will enjoy time & tips for later.
Finishes near the Market: A bit off the beaten path, we’ll get you central at the end.

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4pm Photo Tour: Hidden Brugge

4pm Photo Tour: Hidden Brugge
As the day winds down, we offer a tour to “get away from it all” and go as local with the camera. Finishing at windmills, exhaust the light there or get back to town.

Photo Focus: Getting local and far from the crowds, let’s get into the -real- Brugge.
Locations v. Learning: We go for a balance of both, with a nice tilt towards locations.
Finishes near the Windmills: 3 choices of easy return routes, food & drink spots nearby.

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Private Photo Tours & Groups

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While our daily tours listed above are an open affair that anyone you can join, we also cater to those who wish a focused photo tour for themselves or the company with them.

We offer expanded and customizable guided Private Photo Tours for private groups, company functions, and anything else you may want that we can provide.

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Your Photo Guide Andy

All Photo Tours Include

  • Routes made for many sights in the right light.
  • Sample photos & on-location shooting.
  • Learn or "just shoot!", the choice is 100% yours.
  • Brugge tips & photo know-how shared.
  • Max. 5 photographers per 'open' photo tour.
  • +1 "non-camera" guest per paid photographer.
  • Something different with a fresh perspective.

Random Reviews, Quoted


I was happy to have revisited Bruges in this way and was left with lots of photos and memories of a pleasant and educational afternoon. It was a cool group and everyone was happy and excited, we were all a little wiser and had the photographs to prove it.

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