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A Past Guest Said It Best:

“Ifyou’re a novice Andy will help with technique and technical instruction.

If you’re a competent photographer he’ll take you to a number of out of the way photo sites whilst helping you to broaden and improve your photographic style.

If you’re a pro it’s a great way to get taken to new photo opportunities if you are visiting Brugge for the first time, or if you want to get to the sites quickly.

About Photo Tour Brugge

You’re invited to discover Brugge (Bruges) with a photographers’ eye, on a guided city tour and photo workshop to remember. Fun is freely included, as well as:

Planned for Photography: Best light, visual appeal, diversity in themes over all tours.
For ALL photographers: Open & private tours on all tours, options for all skills & style.
Optional Learning: Take in our photo tips or “just shoot!”, choice is 100% yours.
All our photo tours (except groups) include a free +1 non camera friend.
Maximum 5 photographers per open tour. You’re never just a number with us.

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10am Photo Tour: Edges of Brugge

Exploring central sidestreets & canals, all as fresh light fills in the morning details.

Photo Focus: Canals, side streets, and staying somewhat central while getting off the path.
Locations vs. Learning: While always here to help beginners, it’s slightly more about locations on this tour.
10am Photo Tour info

1pm Photo Tour: Essential Brugge

This tour is to get into the heart of Brugge, discovery towards seeing things fresh.

Photo Focus: Historic/popular area of Brugge, popular spots while avoiding crowds.
Locations vs. Learning: The best tour for beginners, but experienced shooters will have time & tips aplenty.
1pm Photo Tour info

4pm Photo Tour: Hidden Brugge

Towards the windmills, let’s get away from it all to go local with the camera.

Photo Focus: Going local and getting far from the crowds, we step into the -real- Brugge.
Locations vs. Learning: A balance of both, chasing the afternoon light but here to help.

4pm Photo Tour info


7pm Photo Tour: Shades of Brugge

As the day (and light) winds down, let’s explore a city lost in time.

Photo Focus: Popular, hidden, or both. As it’s a private tour,  just let us know.
Locations vs. Learning: As this is offered as a private tour only: The balance that best suits you.
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All Photo Tours Include

  • All tour routes made for the right sights in the best available light.
  • Sample photos (via iPad/tablet) & on-location shooting generously provided.
  • Learn a few tricks or "just shoot!", the choice is 100% yours at all times.
  • Brugge tips & photo know-how shared, we're always here to help as possible.
  • Maximum 5 photographers per open photo tour, private tours also available.
  • +1 "non-camera" guest per paid photographer on all tours except groups.
  • Something different with a fresh perspective.

Beyond The Photos

Canal & Glass We’re here to get you the very best of Brugge, both on camera and otherwise.

While our main focus is obviously on better photography, we also provide some thoughts on the locations we visit.

Expect some historical info to go with the photos, local anecdotes, and honest advice for enjoying Brugge once you put the camera down.

Why go somewhere if it’s just for the photos?

Your Photo Guide Andy

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