Andy McSweeney

Andy McSweeney is a self-taught professional creative photographer from Montreal Canada, in Brugge since 2002 and 110% of Photo Tour Brugge since 2012.

Away from Montreal since 1994 & seeing many (many!) places before settling in Brugge after marrying the sweetest local lady, he was (and still is) joyously busy discovering: Travel, life, and everything in between.

With a wide focus that travel life and shooting encourages as well as "Photographer on the Loose" status around town and beyond, photography is fuel to Andy's photo soul: A means of focus to celebrate life with and have memories captured, the camera being a tool and a teacher as well as memory box on top.

With a profound passion for photography and a love for the charm of Brugge, Photo Tour Brugge was created both as a way to embrace photography even further and share with others.

Andy's Website

Andy's work in Brugge and beyond, photo tips and coaching services

Andy's Brugge Photos

Every photo you see on this website (unless clearly marked otherwise) is by Andy.

Latest photos and otherwise? See Andy's socials...

Andy on Socials

Andy is better at chasing out the next photo than sharing on socials. ;)

Saying that, he's here on Instagram & here on Facebook and still posts regularly.

Photos of Andy McSweeney

Andy's Team

Katie (AKA Mrs Andy)

  • Provider of the Beverage of Morning Ignition
  • Belgian Master of Cuisine (Home Edition)
  • Translator Supreme when my vlaams fails me
  • (Executive) Friend & Attendant to the Animals
  • Puts up with Andy for 20 years and counting...

Tour Mascots (Past & Present)

Blake the Ball Baron, Photo Tour Brugge mascot

Blake the Ball Baron

  • Spotted at the shelter juuuust as he was giving up hope.
  • Would bite himself before he bites you.
  • Great with kids, they're in fact "nanny dogs" first.
  • Loves his walks, LOVES balls: Ballsballsballs BALLS!!!
  • On request for private tours, if he'll leave the sofa...

Adopt, don't shop.

Elvis, Photo Tour Brugge mascot

Elvis the King

  • An early gift from Andy for Mrs Andy.
  • Mommy's boy from day one.
  • (But usually sits on Daddy's lap.)
  • Begs by putting his paw on your leg.
  • "Mommy says I'm the most handsome."

Adopt, don't shop.

Priscilla, Photo Tour Brugge mascot

Priscilla, Queen of the Brugge Streets

  • Street cat badass turned house cat badass.
  • The littlest thing that curls into the littlest ball.
  • Gone 3 weeks in winter, found surfing sheep for food.
  • Loud: either purring or letting you know what is what.
  • Badass... Ask about jumping off the roof at 18 years old.

Adopt, don't shop.

Tiger, The English Gentleman

  • Such a gentleman from day 1, literally flawless.
  • Black cat with 👀spooky eyes 👀!
  • Explorer of water in all its states & forms.
  • Daily roll at the front door before work.
  • Greets you with a "Rroooww!" after work.

Adopt, don't shop.

The Tour for ALL Photographers!

Casual beginner to full on Pro: all are welcome.
+32 486 175 275

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