Payments and/or Donations

Payment and/or Donations

This page is to make payments for a certain product and/or make a donation so Andy can treat Mrs Andy to dinner.

Use the Paypal or credit card button below to get going, payments are secure as they're handled directly by Paypal or Stripe Payments.

Pay or Donate Via Paypal

Please click the "donate" button below to begin the payment process.

Pay or Donate Via Credit Card

Please enter your amount & click the "donate by CC" button below to begin the payment process.

Good to know: Although some buttons & payments are described as "donations", any tours or services paid for here are, in fact,  handled as payments.

Ask my Belgian lawyer and accountant... We are a wonderful country, but many complicated rules.

The Tour for ALL Photographers!

Casual beginner to seasoned pro: all are welcome.
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Cookies in use only for basic function & tour booking, respecting your privacy along the way… 

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