Honesty Policy

Ain't that the truth...

Honesty/Disclosure Policy

We’re proud to offer an honest photo tour at an honest price, with no hidden charges or advertising or sneaky moves via false views.

General Honesty Policy

We operate all our photo tours under a policy of truth. That means that we offer the fairest price possible, and equally aim to assure the validity and honesty behind any photo, travel, or Brugge advice/tip. Should we be mistaken on any facts or tips we offer, we thank you in advance for informing us, as well for remembering we’re only human.

Should we happen to make arrangements to especially feature anything (product/service/other), we’ll clearly disclose that they are indeed sponsors. Should a chocolate shop even give us an unsolicited bag of treats, we’ll let you know (and maybe even share). We’re here to help you, and you pay us by joining the tour and enjoying yourselves.

In Short: We don’t get paid in any way for any local tips and if we did you would know about it.

Brugge Tips (sights & going out)

We offer free and 100% unsolicited advice and tips on sights, for which we receive no financial compensation. If we recommend a cafe or restaurant, it’s because we honestly believe it to be of appropriate quality, not because they give us something for the mention or recommendation.

Equally, all sights are recommended without any financial compensation of any type, including (but not limited to)  free or paid historical sites and attractions, services, or other businesses either public or private.

Photo Tips

We assure you that our guides are chosen for their capacity and ability to both shoot quality photos, as well as inform our guests accurately on how to do the same. While we are not limitless in our knowledge, we pledge to only offer facts as we understand them as accurate (and clearly state if we’re notably unsure).

No “secret” guesses, no false information to save face, no pretending.

Paid Sponsorship and Disclosure Policy

Photography is not cheap. As a business, we will occasionally consider financial stability by accepting relevant sponsorship and goods.

However, we feel it very important for a fair impression of any offered goods or services that we operate on an open and clear disclosure policy.

Since we also choose any gifts/sponsors based exclusively to their direct relevance to photography or travel, we’ll never simply say or “do it for the money”, 1000% guaranteed.

For example: Should Fujifilm loan Andy a free camera (as they have in past for review), we’ll be sure it’s mentioned clearly and not a secret ad to buy their stuff.

“Everybody Wins” Policy

Why do we do things this way? Simple: Everybody wins. It is the very best kind of business, the kind that makes it a pleasure.


The Tour for ALL Photographers!

Casual beginner to seasoned pro: all are welcome.
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